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Linda Clifford at her store
This Saturday was Record Shop Day, a day that we remember and even visit those lovely people who used to look after our every musical needs. Staff that would remember your musical choices and recommend new stuff. Vinyl is not dead as many predicted with the on-sort of digital storage, instead uncaring money-grabbing shops have closed down and all those wonderful little independent record businesses still survive. Photo here shows Linda Clifford visiting her local record store this weekend.

Big hi to Newstyle's DJ Rassman who also enjoyed a traditional Jamaican meal this week end and shared a photo of it on his Facebook page, also happy birthday to DJ Paul Ruben this Easter Sunday who shares his birthday with Luther Vandross & Tito Puente. The station's music programming has changed a little this 'Mixmasters Weekend,' with Mr. Merrys' show starting at 9 A.M. instead of 10. It's a good job he does a Blog so people that missed the first hour can now catch-up!

Two dances coming up this Summer in July and August that look back at the PCRL's years as a radio station here in Birmingham. The first show will be in remembrance of the late and much loved DJ, Angel A, who passed away 10 years ago in 2004. The 26th July show is being put together by her friend Ranking Bev who was also a PCRL DJ from days gone by. The other show is a Lovers Rock themed show on August 2nd, the event put together by PCRL's founder Cecil Morris and Observer and will feature many of the Lovers artists that made the genre so popular in the 1980-90's. The photograph shows Ranking Jacko, one of Cecil's first singles released in 1985, the year PCRL started broadcasting. Sadly the Station was forced to close in 2004.

Finally please have a lovely Easter from Mr Merry & Mickey! :-)

Easter Sunday's play list 20-04-14

Hour One (9 am)
Quincy Jones - Heaven's Girl
Sam Salter - Your Face
George Duke - Whatever It Takes
Patti Austin - That's Enough For Me
Jill Scott - Family Reunion
Jon B - Keep It Real
Luther Vandross - She Loves Me Back [born today]
Lo-Key - Tasty
May J Blige - Your Child
Zara McFarlane - Police & Thieves
Jeniqua - Making Love

Hour Two
Angie Stone x3
1 Sisters 2 Pissed Off 3 No More
Rain (In This Cloud)

Gary Bartz - Music Is My Sancturary
Curtis Hairston Chillin' Out &
Morning After
Glady's Knight - OLd School
The Dramatics - Key To The City
Shorty Corleone - While I'm Alone
Woody Cunningham - Intimate Connection
Matt Covington - We Got One

Angie Stone Biography:

Born Angela Laverne Brown, Columbia, South Carolina, USA. This gospel-trained soul singer endured a difficult childhood before moving to New York in her late teens. Reinventing herself as Angie Born she joined the mid-80s prototype female rap trio Sequence, a group who were too far ahead of their time to break into the male-dominated hip-hop market. Subsequent gigs included a spell as saxophone player and backing vocalist with Lenny Kravitz, lead vocalist with soul trio Vertical Hold, and moderate success as a songwriter for Mary J. Blige and SWV. She also sang backing vocals for her ex-boyfriend, leading urban R&B singer D'Angelo, but for all her efforts was forced to endure mundane day jobs to feed her young family. Stone's big break came when she was signed to Arista Records as a solo artist. She began work on her debut album with the help of Kravitz and D'Angelo as co-producers. Black Diamond, released in September 1999, was a classic soul record, reminiscent of both old school singer Gladys Knight and contemporary neo-soul artists Lauryn Hill and Erykah Badu. Stand-out tracks included the Knight-sampling "No More Rain (In This Cloud)", "Everyday", a mellow duet with D'Angelo, and "Bone 2 Pic (Wit U)", featuring Ali Shaheed Muhammad (ex-A Tribe Called Quest).

Stone then followed Arista boss Clive Davis to his new venture, J Records. Her debut for the label, Mahogany Soul, appeared in late 2001. The album stayed true to the neo-soul formula of her debut albeit with less stand-out tracks, although the slow-burning "Wish I Didn't Miss You" and the Musiq Soulchild duet "The Ingredients Of Love" were the match of anything on Black Diamond. Stone's second album for J was released in summer 2004. Stone Love featured an incongruous cameo from rapper Snoop Dogg but was otherwise another solid collection.

Luther Ronzoni Vandross (April 20, 1951 – July 1, 2005)

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