Fathers Day 2014

My old man's a white old man
And my old mother's black.
If ever I cursed my white old man
I take my curses back.
If ever I cursed my black old mother
And wished she were in hell,
I'm sorry for that evil wish
And now I wish her well
My old man died in a fine big house.
My ma died in a shack.
I wonder where I'm going to die,
Being neither white nor black? 

- Langston Hughes 

A real daddy

I am only three
I've learned so many things that you've taught me me
the things I have learn will help me grow
the things you've taught me surely show
I know that blue and yellow make green
I know one comes first then two then three
I know how to say thank you and ask
for things by saying pretty please
I know that you love me unconditionally
I know you are are my daddy even if you didn't help mommy make me
because you have have been there no matter what and you'd never for sake me
you give me kisses and hold me tight
you calm my fears when I wake frighten at night
you kiss my boos boos and make the pain go away
only real daddy's and mommy's I have that gift Id say
your are my daddy and I love you with all my heart
because of you me and mommy no longer have a hole in our hearts
Author: Carrie Mcstoots 

Playlist for Sunday 15-06-14

Ron Parks - Daddies Need Huggin'
Sade 2010
Jaheim - Daddy Thing
Kenny G - If I Ain't Got You
The Winstons - Colour Him Father
Jill Scott - Family Reunion
Tashan - Thank You Father
Whitney Houston - Exhale (Shoop,Shoop)
Kool & The Gang - Father, Father
Kindred Family Soul - Drop The Bomb On Me
Sade - Baby Father
Marvin Gaye - What's Going On
Keith Sweat - Day Dreamin'

Mary J Blige - Father In You
Springfield Smooth Group Dance With My Father
Luther Vandross - Dance With My Father
Bar-Kays - Feel Like I'm Falling In Love
Tyrone Davis - In The Mood
Jean Carn - My Love Don't Come Easy
Bobby Womack How Could You Break My Heart
LaToya Jackson - Camp Kuch Kaia
Wornell Jones - Must Have Been Love
Eddie Towns - Magic In The Air
Maze - We Are One

Can you Father dance?

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