Ronnie Dyson

In the news this week...a Birmingham dad was found dead in Jamaica after he was snatched from a car at gunpoint. Businessman Keith Murrain’s kidnappers cut his throat, his family told the Mail. The 54-year-old, from Edgbaston, was kidnapped on Friday, just after he had flown to the Caribbean island. The father-of-three’s body was found 24 hours later in a shallow grave in a field near Spanish Town – dubbed Jamaica’s murder capital. Mr Murrain’s close friend Howard Reid, a Birmingham barrister, said last night: “Whoever did this are scum, filth, savages and I hate them. “I curse them, I really, really do. “The savagery, the lack of humanity, the coldness. “To look a man in the eye and cut his throat. “I really do hate them.” More here & here

It would have been Julian Websters 30th Birthday today had he not been killed by doormen. A mum battling for justice over her son’s death has won a legal victory after judges ruled prosecutors were wrong not to charge anyone with manslaughter. Julian Webster, 24, from Edgbaston, died after being restrained in a headlock by door staff during a night out in Manchester in April 2009. At the High Court in Birmingham, judges ruled the original Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) decision not to charge anyone with manslaughter was wrong. The case will now be reconsidered. More here

This Sundays Playlist 06-07-14

Birthday girl..
Dokey Bros/Dianne Reeves - Waiting In Vain
Zara McFarlane - Police & Thieves
Mongo Santamaria - Groovin'
Brian McKnight - Live Without You
Jones Girls - This Feeling Is Real
Sounds Of Blackness - He Took Away My Pain
Bestman - Ooh Yeah [RIP Fablo]
Vivian Green - Sweet Memory[born '79]
Katie Cole - THink About It
Luther VanDross - Think About You
Livin' Out Loud - Lately
Joe - If You Lose Her

Ronnie Dyson x3
Don't Be Afraid 2 The More You Do It
3 Just Don't Want To Be Lonely

Mary J Blige - Before I Let Go
Lot - Ain't Got Time
Saini - Get Up On The Floor
Big Brooklyn Red - Taking It Too Far
Rhythm n' Jazz - Just In Case
Phil Perry - You Send Me
Sharon Benson - Rock Me Down
Ruben Studdard - Close The Door
Fried - Sugar Wafer Days

Ronnie Dyson Biography:
Born 5 June 1950, Washington, DC, USA, d. 10 November 1990. Having played a leading role in the Broadway production of Hair, Dyson pursued his thespian ambitions in Salvation, a less infamous musical, from 1970. One of its songs, "(If You Let Me Make Love To You Then) Why Can't I Touch You?", was a US Top 10 hit, while the singer reached the R&B chart with several subsequent singles, including "I Don't Wanna Cry" (1970) and "The More You Do It (The More I Like It Done To Me)" (1976). In 1971 "When You Get Right Down To It" reached the UK Top 40. Despite switching labels from Columbia Records to Cotillion, Dyson was unable to achieve another major success, and "All Over Your Face" (1983) was his last chart entry. He died of heart failure in 1990.

(If You Let Me Make Love To You Then) Why Can't I Touch You? (Columbia 1970)**, One Man Band (Columbia 1973)**, The More You Do It (Columbia 1977)**, If The Shoe Fits (Cotillion 1979)**.

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