Will Downing

Happy Easter to all the readers ... egg vs bun? did you know Birmingham company Cadbury has been making Easter Eggs since 1875, only pipped by two years by Fry's Chocolate who started in 1973. In Jamaica, eating bun and cheese is a highly anticipated custom by Jamaican nationals all over the world. The Jamaica Easter Buns are spiced and have raisins, and baked in a loaf tin. The buns are sliced and eaten with a slice of cheese. It is a common practice for employers to make gifts of bun and cheese or a single loaf of bun to staff members. According to the Jamaica Gleaner, "The basic Easter bun recipe requires wheat flour, brown sugar, molasses, baking powder or yeast and dried fruits."Easter egg traditions and the Easter Bunny activities are not widespread in Jamaica.

An Easter thought about the Pope .... When the Pope came to Birmingham (well Cofton) in 2012, he blessed Cardinal Newman who was thought to be buried on Rednal Hill at the Lickey Hills. In preparation for possible sainthood when they opened Newman's grave in 2008  they found he'd done a runner, lol So whether it's religion, chocolate or buns, pleas do have a lovely break and if you haven't already listened to Mr. Merry's Gospel tinged Easter show, you can find it underneath for about 30 days. Don't forget, any comments or request for future weeks please enter them at the foot of this page.

Playlist for Sunday 6-04-2015

Teena Maree - Daja Vu
Johnny Gill - There You Go
George Howard - Steppin' Out
R. Kelly - Just Like That
Kenny Lattimore - What Must I Do
Sounds Of Blackness - He Took Away..
Derrick Lucas - Realize
Shirley Jones - Because You Love Me
SLO - Anyway You Bless Me
Jahiem - Put That Woman First
Nina Provencal - Chance With Me

Willl Downing x3
1 'till You Come Back 2 Love Suggestions
3 This Song Is For You

Mary J Blige - Never Too Much
Fried - Sugar Water Days
Dante - 7 Days A Week
Atlantic Starr - When Love Calls
Omar/Angie Stone - Be Thankful
Sounds Of Blackness - I Believe
Gladys Knight - Soon
Rhythm 'n Jazz - Just In Case

Will Downing's biography:
Will Downing (born Wilfred Downing, November 29, 1963, Brooklyn, New York),  is an American singer, songwriter and producer. Downing is known in the contemporary jazz and R&B music genres for his rich baritone vocals, and his interpretations of R&B and pop classics that stretch back to the early 1980s. Downing is married to singer Audrey Wheeler, who has collaborated with various musicians as a back-up singer and was previously a member of the short lived R&B group Unlimited Touch. more at wiki

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