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Cecil & DJ Frenchie
First off this week although I helped promote the book launch for Masters Of The Airways last Sunday I was quite embarrassed to find that the book does not include any contributions from Cecil Morris, although he was invited to speak at the book launch. For those that don't know Cecil is the reason that Birmingham and other cities around the UK (not including London incidentally) now have Black run radio stations. His work from the late 70's until 2003 (when he was forced to stop broadcasting by a court injunction) in Birmingham with Radio Star/PCRL and help from Anthony Jeffers (Daddy Pilot) and many presenters (over 250) including myself and Mickey Nold, proved to the UK Government the need for this type of radio license. So I do hope their next book will include some mention of this! - Merry (visit PCRL's site: www.pcrlfm.co.uk )

Onto the music news this week.... Ron Isley is more than just a great singer; he's an R&B legend, with over a half century as one of the most lauded singers in the world. The Isley Brothers lead singer and, more recently, Mr. Biggs, is getting ready to release a new solo album on EOne Music, and we have a sneak peek with a brand new soulful song called "Dinner and a Movie." click me to listen

For those that like a bit of sax, Boney James is back with Concord Records and with a dynamic, genre-busting album called The Beat. One of the most successful instrumental artists of our time with sales totaling over 3 million records, James’ new project fuses his R&B/Jazz roots with Latin rhythm and percussion. “This record was born of my love for both Latin and R&B music and became a mash-up of the two genres.  The initial inspiration for the record was Sergio Mendes’ “Batucada (The Beat),” which I re-imagined as a funk tune.” “Batucada (The Beat)” reunites Boney with trumpet great Rick Braun. “Rick and I have a wonderful history. There is a certain edge and energy that comes out when we play together that creates a really cool vibe.” Other special guests on the project include eclectic R&B soul singer Raheem DeVaughn and spoken word phenom The Floacist. The first Urban AC single, going for adds in mid-February, is “Maker of Love,” a sexy, soulful song featuring DeVaughn. “Raheem is an artist I’ve wanted to work with for a long time and we actually met by following each other on Twitter! I sent him the track and he came back with an incredible lyric and finished vocal,” says James
Cee Cee Winans
Motown Records takes a giant step into the ever-expanding Gospel music field as the result of a joint venture partnership with EMI Gospel, creating a new label Motown Gospel. The first signed was Cee Cee Winans. The announcement was made by Barry Weiss, Chairman & CEO, UMG East Coast Label Group and Bill Hearn, President & CEO, Capitol Christian Music Group.  "UMG's acquisition of EMI music offered the ideal opportunity to merge the EMI Gospel label with the strength of the newly revitalized Motown Records," said Mr. Weiss.  "The new Motown Gospel label will offer broader Urban AC crossover potential and further opportunities and synergy between Motown Gospel artists and the Motown and Island Def Jam urban roster."  Motown Gospel was officially launched tonight, with a gala press reception and artist showcase at the Arc Theatre in Los Angeles. The evening featured performances by Gospel best sellers Smokie Norful, Tasha Cobbs, Tye Tribbett, and Kierra Sheard.  In addition to the artists who performed at the showcase, the Motown Gospel roster includes multiple Stellar Award winning artists VaShawn Mitchell, Pastor Charles Jenkins and Fellowship Chicago and Grammy nominee Anita Wilson, among others. (soultracks)

This Weeks Playlist for Sunday 3rd April 2013

 Hour One 
Art Madison -  Moon Lite Lover
Lala - There 4 You
George Benson - Breezin' [welcome bed]
Pati LaBelle - When You've been Blessed
Aretha Franklin - It Only Happens
Brandy - Missing You
The Impressions - I'm So Proud
Ms Monique - ooh baby
Dawlins & Dawkins - Miracle
Luther VanDross - For You To Love
Anita Baker - Feel The Need

 Hour Two 
 'Three-Ina-Row': James Brown
Hot Pants / King Heroin / Cold Sweat (more info:)
Greg Willis - Give Her What She Wants (She's A Lady)
The Futures - Ain't Got Time Fa Nothin'
The Gap Band - Keep Holding On
The Chi-Lites - Running Around
The Jacksons - Blues Away
The Jones Girls - Nights Over Egypt
The Valentine Brothers - This Kind Of Love
? - Rock My World (Inst - Trumpet)

James Brown 'King Heroin' lyric:

full page add in Blues & Soul 1972
Ladies and Gentlemen
Fellow Americans
Lady Americans
This is James Brown
I wanna talk to you about one of our
Most deadly
Killers in the country today
I had a dream the other night, and I
Was sittin' in my living room
Dozed off to sleep
So I start to dreamin'
I dreamed I walked in a place and
I saw a real strange, weird object
Standin' up talkin' to the people
And I found out it was Heroin
That deadly drug that go in your veins
He says:
I came to this country without a passport
Ever since then I've been hunted and sought
My little white grains are nothin' but waste
Soft and deadly and bitter to taste
I'm a world of power and all know it's true
Use me once and you'll know it, too
I can make a mere schoolboy forget his books
I can make a world-famous beauty neglect her looks
I can make a good man forsake his wife
Send a greedy man to prison for the rest of his life
I can make a man forsake his country and flag
Make a girl sell her body for a five-dollar bag
Some think my adventure's a joy and a thrill
But I'll put a gun in your hand and make you kill
In cellophane bags I've found my way
To heads of state and children at play
I'm financed in China, ran in Japan
I'm respected in Turkey and I'm legal in Siam
I take my addicts and make 'em steal, borrow, beg
Then they search for a vein in their arm or their leg
So, be you Italian, Jewish, Black or Mex
I can make the most virile of men forget their sex
So now, no, my man, you must (you know) do your best
To keep up your habit until your arrest
Now the police have taken you from under my wing
Do you think they dare defy me, I who am king?
Now, you must lie in that county jail
Where I can't get to you by visit or mail
So squirm - with discomfort - wiggle and cough (hack!)
Six days of madness, hah! You might throw me off
Curse me in name! Defy me in speech!
But you'd pick me up right no if I were in your reach
All through your sentence you've become resolved to your fate
Hear now! younng man and woman, I'll be waitin' at the gate
Don't be afraid, don't run! I'm not chased
Sure my name is Heroin! You'll be back for a taste
Behold, you're hooked!
Your foot is in the stirrup
And make -- haste!
Mount the steed!
And ride him well
For the white horse of heroin
Will ride you to Hell!
To Hell!
Will ride you to Hell!
Until you are dead!
Dead, brother! Dead!
This is a revolution of the mind
Get your mind together
And get away from drugs!
That's the man!
Back! Back

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