New music for 2015 .....  I don’t know what accounts for the nine years that lapsed between Carol Riddick’s stunning debut, Moments Like This, and her excellent follow up, Love Phases. But then too, I kinda do. It’s probably the story of funding issues and life issues. But mainly funding, or trying to muster up enough cash to ensure that Love Phases is a record that conforms to the Philly native’s creative vision. Admittedly, I’m just speculating.

Listening back to her 2006 roll out, I’m sure that plenty of Riddick fans expended all the patience that they could muster as they waited for the sequel, and their patience has been rewarded with the solid sophomore effort, Love Phases. This new project reveals that Riddick possessed the confidence in her ability as an artist to make the kind of subtle yet noticeable changes that always carry the risk of alienating long-time fans without any assurance that she will be able to replace them with new ones. More at soultracks
Happy Birthday today to singer Alicia Keys... Born in 1981, in New York, Alicia Keys began piano lessons at age 7. After graduating from the Professional Performance Arts School, she signed a deal with Clive Davis, the head of Arista Records. Davis left Arista to start J Records and Keys followed. Her debut album Songs in A Minor (2001) went platinum five times over and earned her five Grammys. She followed up with hit albums such as The Diary of Alicia Keys (2003), As I Am (2007) and Girl on Fire (2009), all of which won the artist Grammys.
Victory!! A Florida judge has ordered Ft. Lauderdale police to stop arresting people for feeding the homeless. Last month, 91-year-old veteran Arnold Abbott made national headlines after being arrested twice for feeding the homeless, something he has done for 20 years. Share if you agree feeding the homeless should never be illegal.

Playlist for Sunday 25-01-2015

Hour One
Intro - Ribbon in The Sky
Jagged Edge - Trying To Find Words
Grover Washington Jr - Jamming
Keyshia Cole - Heaven Sent
Kenny Lattimore What Must I Do
Maysa - Pouring Rain
A Few Good Me - Tonght
Jeniqua - Making Love
Tyrone Davis - I Can't Wait
Leroy Hutson - Paradise
Carmen Hendricks - Cat 3
Gwenith Paltroe/Babyface - Just My Imagination

Papik x3
1 Family Affair 2 I Feel Alive
3 Let The Music Play

Calvin Richardson - Home In A Minute
Joe - Baby
Aretha Franklin - Wonderful
Sara Devina - Take Me Home
Maze - Call On Men
Carrie Lucas - Hello Stranger
Wornell Jones - Must Have Been Love
Curtis Mayfield - You're S Good To Me

Papik's Biography:

Papik (Itallian Band) is a musical project born from an idea of the arranger and composer Roman Nerio Poggi, author and producer ranging from pop to nu-jazz , from Bossa Nova to the Soul and that has worked among others, with Mario Biondi in album Handful of Soul as a co-author of the song Gig and I Love You More which appears as the author of the songs and Rebirth Monlight in July, is also an arranger in the song that gives the title track I Love You More . The choice of name Papik originates from a nickname given to small Nerio from the mother, that after seeing the scene of the birth of the baby in the film Papik of Nicholas Ray White Shadows, noticed the similarity between the two. In 2009 he published the debut album Rhythm of Life Irma Records that contains the single Staying For Good sung by Alan Scaffardi '.

The Song was a great success and is transmitted in heavy rotation by the biggest national radio networks (Radio Deejay, Radio Capital, Radio Monte Carlo, Radio 105, Radio Rai etc.) In May of 2012 was released the second album Music Inside preceded by the single The Puzzle Of Life sung by Ely Bruna that is chosen by Gallardagalante, a well-known fashion line made ​​in Japan for the spot of the new advertising campaign. The album is distributed in Japan and was a great success. The song Sign Of Your Love sung by Alan Scaffardi, helps to confirm the internationality of the project Papik, becoming the title track of the new album of the Australian singer Jason Donovan recently built and distributed worldwide by Polydor Records. The fame of Papik in the land of the Rising Sun led them to play in the temple of international jazz Blue Note in Tokyo . In the same year, collaborated with the legendary British band Matt Bianco in their last cd Hideaway arranging two songs, Too Late for Love and Kiss the Bride. More at wiki


Jarrod Lawson

Clifford Adams dies
In the news this week ... Member of Kool & The Gang, Clifford Alanza Adams Snr., has died, (b.8th October 1952, Trenton, New Jersey, U.S.A.) has died 12th January 2015, Capital Health Regional Medical Center, Trenton, New Jersey, U.S.A), he was 62. Clifford passed away following a struggle with liver cancer.  Best known for his work within the second incarnation of the group, Kool and the Gang (‘Ladies Night, ‘Too Hot’ etc.), he had been suffering with medical issues for a year or so.Clifford was without health insurance to cover medical expenses.In recent weeks, his family and friends held several fundraisers to try to cover the cost of a liver transplant. Apart from his work with Kool and the Gang, Clifford also collaborated with the likes of The Stylistics, Patti Labelle and the Bluebells and Duke Ellington’s Orchestra during his career. He released two solo albums, namely, ‘The Master Power’ and ‘I Feel Your Spirit’. Clifford founded the organisation DRUMM (Developmental Roundtable for the Upward Mobility of Musicians), which was dedicated in bringing music into Trenton schools.
Gospel music loses a giant

The gospel singer, songwriter, arranger, recording artist, record producer, and pastor, Andraé Crouch, has died. Andraé was 72. Andraé attended hospital in December, due to pneumonia and congestive heart failure. He returned to hospital this month, following the postponement of a tour, in Los Angeles. Andraé had suffered a heart attack. Andraé Crouch was born in 1942 in San Francisco, along with his twin sister, Sandra. When he was 11, Andraé’s father suggested he speak at a local church, during which, Andraé played the piano. He penned his first Gospel song at the age of 14. In 1960, Andraé became part of the Church of God in Christ Singers (a.k.a. COGICS). The singers group included the artist, Billy Preston. Andraé attended the Valley Junior College in California forming the gospel group, The Disciples in 1965, along with Perry Morgan and Bill Thedford. More at: soulwalking.co.uk

Playlist for Sunday 19-01-2015

John Legend - Ordinary People
Jon B. - Isn't It Scary
Kenny G. - G-Bop
Robert H. Fowler - Out In The Rain
The O'Jays - Used To Be My Girl
Eric Roberson - Do The Same For Me
Portia Monique - Smile
Teddy Pendergrass - When Somebody ..
                                        .. Love's You Back
Classy Silhouette - You Don't Love Me
S.L.O. feat: Camilla Marcell - Anyway
Carmen Hendricks - Cat 3
Jill Scott - Family Reunion

Jarrod Lawson x3
1 Music & It's Magical Way
2 All That Surrounds 3 Walk In The Park

Victor Haynes - Feel
Dangerfield Newbies - Heaven Sent You
Eddie Kendricks - Never Alone
Gary Poole - Even When
Tehesha Renee - Loves Taken Over
Sister Sledge - Easier To Love
Atlantic Starr - Touch A 4 Leaf Clover
Dennis Taylor - Enough Is Enough

Jarrod Lawson Biography:

Jarrod’s first memories were made exploring his own father’s recording studio in Redwood City, California—the family residence at the time. His parents still declare that it was never difficult to find young Jarrod; just follow the sound of humming or drumming. At two years of age, Jarrod had found his way to the drum-kit which created in him a highly rhythmic sensibility that can be witnessed in his keyboard playing to this day. His profound ability at bass support creates a rhythm section of his left hand alone. In a trio setting with guitar and drums, it was once remarked that the band needed no bass player as “a bassist would just get in Jarrod’s way.”  Sometime around the age of eight years old, the Lawson family moved to a farmstead south of Portland, Oregon. In that open vista—away from neighbors and city distractions—Jarrod explored his father’s record collection and found treasure in the recordings of Donny Hathaway and Stevie Wonder. These two giants would inspire and inform Jarrod’s own development as a singer and songwriter of soul music. As he explored the magnificent harmonies of soul, a fascination and near-obsession with the piano blossomed when Jarrod was only 13 years old. More his web site




Erykah Badu

In the news this week ... Is Jay Z exploiting Beyonce? 2008 Republican Presidential hopeful Mike Huckabee is throwing shade…not at another politician, but at Jay Z? Yup, the former Arkansas governor has a new book out called God, Guns, Grits and Gravy in which he calls out Jay Z as a pimp for pimping his wife Beyonce out as a sex object, and get this: he uses their 2014 Grammy Awards performance as an example, comparing it to “foreplay.”

The excerpt reads: "My reaction: Why? Beyonce is incredibly talented — gifted, in fact. She has an exceptional set of pipes and can actually sing. She is a terrific dancer — without the explicit moves best left for the privacy of her bedroom." He then questions Jay's role in Bey's image, writing, "Jay Z is a very shrewd businessman, but I wonder: Does it occur to him that he is arguably crossing the line from husband to pimp by exploiting his wife as a sex object?" Many right wingers in the media always jump on Beyoncé like she’s the only one shaking her derriere on stage (remember Bill O’Reilly’s beef with Bey?) And if I’m not mistaken, Beyonce was been doing that long before she got with Jay Z! Sound off! Do you agree with Huckabee or nah? coments below? (singersroom.com)

If you haven’t heard John Legend and Common’s stirring collab “Glory,” you're in luck, because they brought the song to "Good Morning America" this morning (Jan. 5) to wake the country up from its literal and metaphorical slumber. As Legend tickled the ivories and sang the resounding lyrics of future reverence (sounding just as good as the record, we might add), Common stood at the foot of the piano to reverberate his powerful verses. The two were backed by a timpani player, a four-piece string quartet, and three background singers for the live performance. “Glory” is nominated for Best Original Song at the upcoming Golden Globe Awards, which will air on January 11th. Selma hits theaters across the country on January 9. (singersroom.com)

Queen Latifah has star quality and a lovely voice to match, so it only makes sense that she portray the legendary blues singer Bessie Smith in a new musical biopic for HBO. According to Deadline.com, the Flavor Unit leader was actually offered the role over two decades ago when she was 22 years old, but she declined because she didn’t feel like she was old enough or had enough life experience. “If anything, I came to have a little more story,” she told television critics at the TCA Winter TV Press Tour 2015 in Pasadena, Calif. “When the project came my way, I don’t think I had the life journey that went along with it. I got to live more of the blues.” More at: Boombox

Track Listing for Sunday 11-01-2015

Chantay Savage - Round & Around
Lou Reed - Walk On The Wild Side
Eric Darious - Happy
Mary J Blige - Baggage
April Hill The Search
Bigg Robb - Macaroni & Cheese Song
Sara Devin - Take Me Home
KIndred Family Soul - As Of Yet
Calvin Richardson - Home In A Minute
Dayton - Promise Me
George Benson Love x Love (Koko mix)
Switch - Keeping Secrets

Erykah Badu - On & On
Freedom Of Expression! Paris Day
Montell Jordon Close The Door
Omar/Angie Stone - Be Thankful
Teena Marie - I Need Your Lovin'
Kashif - Help Yourself
Manhattans - Let Your Love Come Down
Jill Scott - Gimme
Dante - 7 Days A Week
Arteha Franklin - Wonderful
Justin Timberlake - Worthy Of
Aura Jackson - Walk After U
Avant - Jay And Pain